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The country:  Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe. Sofia is the capital. The country is bordered by Romania in the north, Serbia and Macedonia in the west, Greece and Turkey in the south, and the Black Sea in the east. With a territory of 110,994 square km, Bulgaria is Europe’s 16th-largest country. It`s population is 7.5 million people. 

Climate: The climate in Bulgaria is temperate continental tending to Mediterranean. Annual precipitation is about 635 mm, but this varies. The four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, are clearly differentiated.  

Flights:  There are daily flights to Sofia Airport from most European capitals. Some of the most popular intercontinental flight connections, including those from the from the United States, are those via Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, London or Istanbul.

Visa: A visa for Bulgaria is not required for U.S. citizens, or EU passport holders. For more information please visit the following web page: http://www.mfa.bg/en/pages/109/index.html.

Rifle import permit: Hunters may bring their own firearms, but it is crucial to arrange all details with your outfitter in advance. All EU citizens who have valid EU firearms passports can enter Bulgaria with their own rifles and ammunition, without any additional requirements. If you do not possess such an EU firearms passport, an official firearms import permit must be obtained for entering the country with your personal hunting rifle and ammunition. The procedure takes 30 working days.  You need to be able to provide all rifle and ammunition details as well as a valid hunting license from your home country.

Hunting: Bulgaria is a country with an amazing nature and unbelievable wildlife variety. Hunting difficulty levels vary a lot. For hunters seeking mountain adventures, there are high rugged peaks and countless hilly regions and plains areas where deer and other animals live in abundance. Most hunting is done by spot-and-stalk or by still hunting from a high seat.

Bulgaria is also one of the few European countries that allows bow hunting. The trophy hunting in Bulgaria is generally open all year long.  The official authorities have set allowed hunting periods for the different species as follows:

– 1st September – 31st January – European Red Deer, Balkan Chamois (female – 15th September – 31 October), Fallow Deer, Balkan Chamois (male 1st December to 15th January), Wild Turkey

– 15th April -15th May – Capercaillie, Balkan Chamois (male);

– 1st     May – 30th October –  Roe Deer;

– All year round – Wild Boar (individual hunt), Mouflon, Wolf, Fox, Golden Jackal, European Water Buffalo, Himalayan Tahr, Barbary Sheep, Bezoar Hybrid Ibex, Kri Kri Ibex.

– 1st October – 15th January – Wild Boar driven hunts. 

Accommodation: The hunting lodges vary greatly in size, terrain, habitat, accommodations and ease of access. Depending of your hunting wishes and game preferences, we will choose the lodge and hunting area that best fits your expectations. You will experience the Bulgarian hospitality, local traditions, Bulgarian cuisine with recipes handed down from one generation to the other.

After the hunt:  We will assist and monitor all the processes from the harvest of your trophies, through the taxidermist`s work and export documentation to the shipping agent and the actual trophy shipping to your home.

Employees: Our employees are professionals, with years of experience in the field of the hunting tourism and trophy hunting. We will make sure that you will have a memorable adventure and a great hunt. For your companions who might be non-hunters we can arrange a variety of additional cultural or historical trips in the area of the hunt along with SPA, wine tasting and sightseeing tours.

Hunt duration and program:  Depending of the game chosen we propose our 4 nights / 3 hunting days or our 7 nights / 6 hunting days program.  We will personally meet you at Sofia Airport and assist you with all customs procedures and formalities. Then together we will depart with our company`s transportation to the hunting area. Generally, those are close. The drive will not take longer than 4 hours, in most cases.

Video Production: Our company is pleased to provide you with an additional video service during your hunt. Our professional filming team will capture your entire adventures. We have more than 35 years of experience in Hunting films production. Also we have accompanied our valued clients in more than 75 countries so far, and produced more than 800 films currently broadcasting across Europe.