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Flight: to Baku. Overnight in a hotel and 6-7 hours transfer by car to the hunting area.   

Hunt period: from 1 June to 15 October.

Group: from 1 to 3 hunters

Duration: 5 hunting days + 2 transport days

Package price: services + 1 Dagestan Tur trophy (no limit) – 900 euro/ hunter.

Price includes:

– meeting and customs formalities at Baku airport;

– transport during the hunt;

– food during the hunt;

– hunt licenses and permits;

– tents for the fly camp. It is advisable the hunter to bring own tent and sleeping bag; 

– cook and hunt personal;

– minimum 2 PH per 1 hunter;

– export paperwork;

 Not included in the price:

– visa, flight tickets, bank taxes, insurance;

– non hunter –1800 euro;

– second Tur trophy    –2400 euro;

– visa invitation package –150 euro/ hunter;

– food and accommodation before and after the hunt in Baku;

– office hunt organization tax and paperwork   – 250 euro /hunter;

– personal expenses and tips  (advisable 250 euro for the PH,  80 euro – cook,  100 euro-  helpers;

– over luggage;

– skinning and field preparation of the trophy – 50 euro / piece;

– VET certificate  – 200 euro/ piece;

– export CITES  – 630 euro ;

– taxidermy, trophy shipping.

Movie: possible professional movie shooting during the hunt. POR.

Refund: 900€

 IMPORTANT NOTE (Refund is not back in the following cases:))

By reason of hunter bad health: corn, diarrhea or other diseases. If hunter back to main camp earlier of 5 days by personal reason or wish. Any size of TUR trophy counted as trophy and should be paid by hunter. All wounded animals are to be paid in full If hunter refuse to fallow guide to hunt for TUR (on shooting position) Refund is back to hunter: if he did not see any TUR, bad weather (fog, snow, strong rain) If hunter make shot to TUR on distance not far than 300 meters to staying, lying TUR hunt count as done but continue


Deposit1000 euro / hunter + 400 euro (visa package and office organization tax). Hunt package rest payment on the spot upon arrival in cash. Rest trophy payments after the hunt before departure in cash.   




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