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Information: Pakistan is one of the unique countries on the face of the earth that is blessed with a great variety of mountain game animals. But not only rich in diversity, it also holds healthy populations of some of the rarest animals which do not exist anywhere else in the world. Among many hunting trophies, one of them is the Himalayan Blue Sheep. Himalayan Blue Sheep known also as Bharal is indigenous to Pakistan along with Nepal. This race with its good number of population occupies most of the Karakurm Range of Northern Areas of Pakistan which is about a few hundred kilometers east of Kashmir Markhor range. Hunting can be carried out in two different community managed areas north of Gilgit, very close to the border with China. The tags for the hunt are issued in very limited numbers. This hunt can easily be combined with Himalayan ibex.


How to arrive to the area; There are daily and direct flights to Islamabad (capital) from a number of major European cities. Lufthansa and British Airways are flying to Islamabad directly from Frankfurt and London but both airports can be problematic for the ones who travel with guns. Another alternative is to use a connection through Dubai or Doha by flying Emirates. But this airline requires a three day gun notice. Therefore hunters who concludes their hunts earlier than planned may have to spend a few days in Islamabad before they board for the flight. When considered all, Turkish airlines seems to be one of the best options for this destination as there are direct flights from Istanbul to Islamabad four times a week.


The guests will be met by one of our representatives at the airport and will be escorted to the domestic airlines terminal after the passport control and gun formalities are complete. Hunters need to fly from Islamabad to up north, to a town named Gilgit which is about 50 min. flight. Sometimes, when the flights do not operate due to bad weather conditions, then there is no way but to take a long ride to the Northern Areas of Pakistan where the hunting areas are. Once the village of Shimshal or KVO is reached, then one or two day hike (depending on the area) is required to get to the hunting grounds.


Hunting areas & Altitude & Method; Blue sheep in Pakistan lives in two separate valleys near China border in Northern Pakistan. Being a higher dwelling animal, Blue sheep lives at the altitudes of 4000 – 5000 meter, way above the tree line in many areas and inhabit open grassy slopes. Depending on the chosen area, getting to the camp may require 1-2 day of walking. This is actually good for acclimatization to high altitude. When in camp, the hunter will be in the heart of the Blue sheep country. The applied method of hunting is spot and stalk.


Season & Weather & Accommodation; The hunting season is from October until the end of March. However, best time for the hunt considered to be the second half of November due to rutting time. Late March is also good timing since the weather conditions will be quite favorable. It is hard to make a general statement on the weather conditions as it varies from year to year. But during November the weather may be around +10 /+20 C on a clear sunny day. When windy it may go down below zero C. During December, January and February the temperature is tend to go quite low due to high altitude. Therefore a late season hunt in March for this specie may be advisable as the weather will warm up a bit to become more favorable by early spring. Accommodation is at village houses and tents with basic facilities and satisfactory cooking.


Day by day itinerary; Himalayan Blue sheep hunt requires a 12 day-organization although a hunter in a good shape can complete it in a week time. A tentative day by day itinerary for the hunt could be as follows;


Day 01. Arrive in Islamabad, custom handling, (depending on arrival time), fly to Gilgit or Skardu and if the weather does not allow the flight, drive up to the Northern Areas. (12-14 hours), arrive to Gilgit and overnight in a nice, 4* hotel.

Day 02. Drive up north about 5-6 hours and overnight in a village house.

Day 03. Start walking to the first camp and overnight.

Day 04. Walk for the second camp and overnight.

Day 05-10. Hunt for Blue sheep.

Day 11-12. Walk back to village.

Day 13. Drive back to Gilgit and fly to Islamabad.

Day 13. Take off for home.



Trophy treatment and shipment; The skin of the animal is carefully treated. Ears and lips are turned and salted and the scull is boiled and cleaned properly. Later, the trophy is carefully packed for shipment. After all papers are prepared which are necessary for the shipment, the shipment is sent to the address that is provided. Receiving the trophies could take couple of months (no longer) and shipment cost is around US$750 -850/each animal depending on the address.


Pakistan visa process; European and US citizens are required to have Pakistani visa. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems, hunters should get their visas issued on the passport before leaving home and the validity of the passport should be at least 6 months from the departure date. We provide you with a visa invitation letter. Visa can easily be taken from the Pakistan Embassies in any country.


Price & conditions:


The price of Himalayan Blue Sheep is at US$ 24,900– any size.



  • Visa invitation
  • Custom handling
  • Hunting organization up to mentioned days
  • Gun import permit
  • One trophy fee of mentioned specie
  • Hunting license
  • Area fees
  • Transfers from/to Islamabad and Gilgit or Skardu airport
  • Full board accommodation in the hunting area
  • Interpreter and local guide


Not included:

  • All (international & domestic) air fares, visa, bank & courier taxes, insurance
  • Office hunt organization tax and paperwork – US$ 300 / hunter
  • Trophy shipment
  • Gratuities
  • Hotel cost before/after the hunt
  • Personal expenses
  • Observer fee – US$2,400 up to 7 days or US$3,400 up to 15 days)


Movie: possible professional movie shooting during the hunt. Price per request.


Payments: A 25% deposit is required on booking and the rest be paid 2 months before the hunt. If you would like to cancel your hunt 6 months before the trip, the deposit is refunded with $500 less and if cancellation occurs between 6 to 2 months before the trip, full deposit is forfeited. If cancellation occurs 2 months or less before the trip, full cost of the trip is forfeited. In case of no success (except missed shots & wounding the animal), 20 % is refunded.




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