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    Burgauberg-Neudauberg is a municipality in Güssing, Burgenland in Austria.

    The house is has about 700 sq. meters. It`s price is 650 000 euro. It is situated on 350

    1. altitude above the sea level. The house is outside the village of Neudauberg –

    2 kilometers away from the famous mineral water resort – Stegersbach and on 1

    kilometer from the SPA center and the golf field. Additionally for sale is also a

    wonderful area next to the estate on a hill illuminated by the morning sun. – about

    2000 sq. meters, 40 euro / sq. m.- 80.000.- euro

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    Stiliyan Kadrev and Gabriela Kadreva

    Tel. +359 894 426 994 +359 899 814 390