Who We Are

Dear hunting friends,

I will tell those of you whom I have the pleasure of having already met that this web site compiles 30 years of my wanderings through distant lands and hard-to-access mountains. It comprises mostly of hunting places that I visited in person and that have left me satisfied.  And those of you with whom I am yet to have the pleasure of meeting please sit back with a glass in hand and enjoy the vision of hunting trophies you could harvest and adventures you can enjoy with us. Most certainly one or another of our hunting tour offers from all over the world will match your interest. Whether you will choose a big Red stag or an Ibex in Europe, a safari under the hot sun of Africa, or Moose hunting in the ice-clad frontiers of North America, you can rest assured that your trip has been provided for and guaranteed by our personal experience and those of our contacts all over the world. And if some day you happen to need assistance, then you can expect us to come up with competent, accurate, and honest support.

I am a professional videographer and a 1980 alumni graduate of the Filming University in Moscow. I started my film career in Bulgaria 38 years ago. I have shot dozens of films for the fauna of Bulgaria and the Balkans. In 1991 I was invited for the first time to shoot a Tanzanian safari. That trip gave me the splendid “addiction for adventure,” and ever since I have continued traveling and filming in Africa, and later Asia, America, and Europe! I have so far roamed in some 75 countries, creating more than 800 films for clients of mine who have ordered personal movies of their safaris, fishing, or adventure tourism. This has allowed me the incredible opportunity to get personally acquainted with the best and specific hunting areas and with game behavior, as well as with the outfitter qualities of my partners in different countries.

Thanks to this compiled experience as a hunting videographer, for more than 25 years now, I have myself been consulting, organizing, and conducting hunting trips around the world for my friends and clients! The Balkan Hunters Club Ltd. specializes in organizing international hunting trips.
We plan and make personal offers for each individual client involved, as well as provide video production and hunting trips beyond the ordinary!

In the field of hunting tourism and film production, BHC has great traditions. Our filming crew will edit and dub the hunt’s video footage into a professional movie for your viewing pleasure and lasting memories. We are ready to accompany you during all your hunting adventures and to materializing your   memories into personal films!

We are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding any hunt in any given country, your preferences for game, hunting styles and methods, hunting periods, etc. To us there are no impossible requests or hunting destinations – it all is a matter of time in order to perfectly organize your trip and safari!

Wishing you all good health, great strength and best of luck in overcoming the ongoing challenges in the world of hunting!

Stiliyan Kadrev
Managing Director, Balkan Hunters Club LTD